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Rain starts play

ko-unThis week’s prompt by Jude.

I just saw renowned Korean poet Ko Un at a poetry and wine festival in Slovenia – a very seductive combination. A marvellous writer, Ko Un, now in his eighties, is also a zen master. This quote on the ‘poetry wall’ at the festival cafe, in Slovenian and English, might inspire you to write, whatever the weather. Set the timer for half an hour and see what happens.

Want a further stretch? We’ve a few places left on our Write Outside the Box session at Hall and Woodhouse Cafe next Tuesday, 13th September. Contact us asap, if you would like to come. Friendly group, fun exercises.

An Elephant Never Forgets

imageThis week’s prompt by Jude.

Write about something you have never forgotten. Use as much detail as possible, both foreground and background. Write fast, non-stop until you’ve finished.

And don’t forget our one-off writing session on September 13th in Bath if you want more inspiration.

Stone Henge


Jude at Stonehenge in the early 1960s

This week’s prompt by Jude

Did you ever go to Stone Henge when you could walk up close?   Write a short-short story based on visit you made  to a group of standing stones. – Stone Henge, the Merry Maidens in Cornwall, somewhere in the Orkneys. Or even in another country. Make it magical or make it tragic like the ending of Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy.