Monthly Archives: July 2016

A novel opening

treePrompt by Jude

This beech tree is over 250 years old.  That takes us back to  1766 –  the  year that Oliver Goldsmith published the Vicar of Wakefield. Using the tree as inspiration, write an opening to a novel. Your opening will include the tree and the people in the distance.

As a contrast, come and hear some short short fiction this Friday 29th July. Jude’s organised an evening of flash fiction at St James Wine Vaults in Bath. £5 and five great readers. 7.30-10.00pm You can just turn up and pay on the door.

Just desserts


This week’s prompt by Jude

Take some stressed characters. Seat them in a cafe. Let them order a couple of desserts. Death-by-chocolate or Eton Mess perhaps? Another person comes in and accuses the couple of a past wrong-doing. Will they just get their desserts – or will they get their just desserts?