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Llamas in the Rain

llamas in the rain

In our creative writing sessions at Bath Central Library,  we frequently ask writers to create a title for their short pieces. It’s good practice. The short story writer and novelist, Tessa Hadley said  “a good title crisps the story up, seals it, like a top on a bottle”

Often short stories entered in competitions are let down by the title. A magazine editor recently posted an article that said one of the top ten most used story titles on submitted stories, was ‘Dust’. Continue reading

Myths and Fairy Tales

Messenger of the Gods, painting by Sarah V Penrose

Messenger of the Gods, painting by Sarah V Penrose


Now Sold Out

A two-hour  workshop in Bath Central Library, Wednesday 4th November from 1.30 pm – 3.30 pm with Alex and Jude

We will introduce creative writing exercises and prompts to help you create your own myths and modern-day fairy tales inspired by  ancient archetypal stories. Continue reading

Sold Out – Pop-Up Creative Writing Group

Free up your writing with Alex and Jude 

Tuesday 22nd September, 2015, 10.30 am-12.30pm Hall & Woodhouse 1 Old King Street, Bath (just off Queen Square).  £15, payable in advance. Now sold out but more events coming soon. Subscribe for our latest news and writing prompts to keep you going.

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