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What lies beneath

What lies underneath

This week’s prompt by Jude

A couple doing up an old house somewhere Mediterranean. Use stripping down layers of old plaster and paint as a metaphor for discovering what lies beneath the surface of their relationship. A longer story, a flash fiction piece – it’s up to you. Check out the great competition listings at Almond Press if you want to submit your finished story somewhere. The listings are all in date order.


Who lives in Slate Lane?

This week’s prompt by Jude

sign postDid you ever see Stewart Lee, my favourite comedian, talking about the man who owned a quarry in Crapstone? Very silly, very funny. (Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle if you want to search for last year’s series)

So, who lives in Slate Lane. What do they do? Does it have any relevance to the name of the lane. Make it silly if you like. Have fun.