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Bull’s Eye

This week’s prompt by Jude.

Write about a person who hits the bull’s eye. Be literal. Your character is playing darts in the pub. Or metaphorical. What does hitting the bull’s eye in life mean to your, perhaps, neurotically-challenged character? Make it a short short story. And if you want, enter your piece into a competition. Who knows, you might hit the bull’s eye and win a prize. The A3 Review’s monthly 150 word contest ending the last Saturday in June has the theme of  ‘Dates’. (not the fruit). Or there’s weekly, free 150 word Or the up to 300 words, which ends this Sunday, 11th June.

Writing materials

Prompt from Alex:  The information below refers to Virgina Woolf and Vita Sackville West and  tells you a lot about their personalities.  What writing materials do you use? In not more than three hundred words, write about your own pens, paper, notebooks etc. If you always use a computer, write about that.