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Creative Writing Prompt

Until we decide on a date for another writing events workshop – Keep Writing. Here is a prompt to try.  A rainy evening. Someone ( Who?) is walking down the street. What time is it? Where are they going? Why? and what happens next? Write a short story, create an atmosphere, a character, a plot.  Enjoy the journey. It doesn’t have to be good! No pressure. Play.


ps. By request I have just added the titles and authors of the 26 stories we published during lockdown in an anthology Blink of An Eye. please keep scrolling down to find it! All proceeds went to Young Carers, 5-18 years old, to give them some fun and respite from looking after adults and siblings. It’s one of our favourite charities.

POp-up creative writing 9th November

 OBSERVATION AND EAVESDROPPING   Thursday 9th November for a two hour creative writing workshop  10.30-12.30pm at Hall & Woodhouse.   £28   Numbers limited  places left ..  EMAIL to book

IN THIS workshop there will be hands-on writing exercises with prompts to encourage observation skills and feed your imagination.   It’s often the small vivid details in fiction that bring it alive, what is known as  ‘show don’t tell’.  Writing good dialogue can be a stumbling block  too, but we have got tips that will add interest and character to your writing.

Readers should be able to see, hear, taste and smell the fictional world you are creating.   This workshop is suitable for beginners and experienced writers alike, so if you enjoy writing and meeting like- minded people, come along.. I look forward to hearing from you and will send you booking info.   Best wishes Alex

sorry. no refunds, but you can send a friend in your place.