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The Ash Tree

Ash Tree

M. R  James, 1862 – 1936, an author famous for his ghost stories, many of which have been adapted for television or made into films and still have the power to chill,  wrote one called The Ash Tree which you can read here. Prompted by the picture of this tree and his story, write a modern ghost story.  Include a curse and a tree surgeon. (Jude’s prompt)


larger pelmanismJude’s prompt: In 1917, you would have known what the question ‘Do you Pelmanize?’ meant.  Pelmanism was a very popular system devised to help mental alertness and ‘brain fag.’ Many of you will have played the memory card-game, loosely based on this system.  So, exercise your writer’s brain. Study this picture then  cover it over and see what items you can remember. Include these items  in a 500 word (or less) piece.

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