Feedback from the pitching workshop with literary agent, Juliet Pickering, 17th October 2015

“I did enjoy the pitching – you and Jude are organising such excellent sessions for us. I found it very helpful and am now about to change my idea for a novel yet again…”AH

Responses to our ‘Free Your Writing’  Pop Up Group at Hall and Woodhouse Cafe Bath, 22nd September, 2015 from

Twitter: Chloe Turner @TurnerPen2Paper Feeling inspired after a busy session with Alex and Jude @writingevents this morning – 5 little stories in 2 hrs, my hand hurts!

Thank you for a great workshop. I am going to write and expand the story with the first line “she knew he was lying” about the mother and boy and chocolate and enter it for the Cromagnon short story comp about primitive humanity https://thecromagnon.com/2015/06/short-story-competition-2015-primitive-humanity/   The closing date is 30th Sept and has to be less than 3000 words. I’ve got just under a third so far 🙂 DW

Response to previous courses:

“Just wanted to say thanks for the 4 week course, just finished. I found it really useful and empowering” AH

 “Many thanks for guiding and inspiring us through the May workshops. You established such a comfortable yet energising atmosphere.” IL, May 2014

I wanted to let you both know I enjoyed the library group so much when I did it, found it inspiring in my quest to learn about writing, safe and supportive, welcoming and friendly.” LK Nov,  2014

Just wanted to email you to say how much I love your classes. Can’t believe how much potential comes from each exercise, and how much confidence can arise on seeing what’s produced.  Thank you both so much.” NJ

“Good group of people – no one hogging the limelight, as can happen! Alex and Jude are extremely pleasant, highly encouraging, intuitive, non-threatening and give excellent exercises – amazing how much writing we produce in the time.” M.G.       

“The classes seemed to ‘loosen’ me up from my fixed ideas about how to approach a piece of writing, and helped me trust that ‘I had something worthwhile to write.’  So I say, thank you so much to Jude and Alex for they listen and inspire and stimulate their students.” N.W