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Bull’s Eye

This week’s prompt by Jude.

Write about a person who hits the bull’s eye. Be literal. Your character is playing darts in the pub. Or metaphorical. What does hitting the bull’s eye in life mean to your, perhaps, neurotically-challenged character? Make it a short short story. And if you want, enter your piece into a competition. Who knows, you might hit the bull’s eye and win a prize. The A3 Review’s monthly 150 word contest ending the last Saturday in June has the theme of  ‘Dates’. (not the fruit). Or there’s weekly, free 150 word Adhocfiction.com. Or the up to 300 words bathflashfictionaward.com, which ends this Sunday, 11th June.

Bill and Coo

This week’s prompt by Jude.

The pigeons in our garden have been amorously inclined all week.  For this week’s fast draft, write down all your associations to pigeons.  Memories, likes/dislikes, Trafalgar Square,  sounds etc. Now write a piece where pigeons feature as a backdrop for another kind of relationship. Probably between humans. You could even call your characters Bill and Coo.


The Royal Wave

This week’s prompt by Jude

Have you ever seen HRH Elizabeth 2nd in the flesh, or as a figurine in a window? Write a memoir piece about your visit to Buck House or about the time you last avoided anything royal–TV appearances, processions, conversations. Include exact details.

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This week’s prompt by Jude.


Try a different genre. Write a story for younger children set on an island. Make it cheery and include a dog. Or write an opening to a  contemporary  YA novel  about life on an island where everything is changing, domestically and politically.  Less cheery, but a dog can still be included.


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