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Adventures in Short Short Fiction

Jude’s pamphlet of short short fiction published by V. Press in 2017

Join the keen pool of writers, writing and studying flash (short short) fiction with Jude who is a self-confessed flash fiction addict.

The focus is to write, read and learn about the art of writing flash fiction.

Format: Writing exercises and a focus on a different style of flash fiction each week. Homework and feedback on flash fictions you have written. Encouragement to submit your short fictions to magazines and competitions.

Dates: 21st March, 28th March  — Break for easter —   April 18th, April 25th, May 2nd, May 9th and May 16th. May 23rd.

Venue: Downstairs in ‘The Ram’ public house, 20 Claverton Buildings, Bath. A self-contained quiet space.

Time: 12.00 – 2.00 pm. Simple lunches are available in the pub. We have a short lunch break half way through.

Jude reading from The Chemist’s House at St James’ Wine Vaults, Bath.

Jude would like you to pay for four sessions in advance via bank transfer £40. And you can pay-as-you-go for any other sessions. She’s looking for ten writers maximum each week and six minimum, so contact her to get bank  details and to say which dates you can come. It’s helpful to do a few sessions in a row if you can.  All new to the group receive a free copy of To Carry Her Home’ Bath Flash Fiction Vol. One, an anthology of flashes from the international competition.

Want to come to all eight sessions? Just transfer £80 instead of £40.

Jude runs the Bath Flash Fiction Award a three times a year international contest and directs the UK’s only literary festival entirely dedicated to flash fiction.

Booking for the next festival in Bristol 20-22nd July is now open. There is a great line up of workshops, talks, readings, open-mic, picnic.  More details flashfictionfestival.com


Apples and Pears

This week’s prompt by Jude.


Write a piece about  apples and pears —picking the fruit, eating it, cooking with it, buying it. It could be memoir, it could be fiction. Include fruity autumn smells and exact tastes. Involve two characters. One is reluctant.


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Fast and slow

This week’s prompt by Jude.


Write an updated version of the story about the tortoise and the hare. Use people instead of animals. Write your first  draft fast, edit slowly.




Want to come to our writing sessions? We’ve three new writing events for the autumn open for booking now. Fun and friendly. Beginner and experienced writers welcome.

What lies beneath

What lies underneath

This week’s prompt by Jude

A couple doing up an old house somewhere Mediterranean. Use stripping down layers of old plaster and paint as a metaphor for discovering what lies beneath the surface of their relationship. A longer story, a flash fiction piece – it’s up to you. Check out the great competition listings at Almond Press if you want to submit your finished story somewhere. The listings are all in date order.