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Crossing the Threshold


One of the most well-known crossing-the-threshold stories is The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, by C S Lewis.  The children go through a door in the back of an old wardrobe, find themselves in Narnia and their adventures begin

Going into the special world is one of the first stages  of The Hero’s Journey – a  mythic plot structure often used in films.  A few years ago Alex and I ran a workshop looking at this structure for Writing Events Bath. It’s a useful format to think about when writing  short stories and novels. Continue reading

Are you sitting comfortably?



In our writing tips book  Alex suggests how important it is to find the right chair to sit in if you are writing a lot at your desk. The chair in the picture would ruin your posture and the hard edge of the saggy cane seat would cut into your thighs. However, the chair’s  a classic –  reminiscent of the one in those famous paintings by Van Gogh. Continue reading

We don’t speak too much

Man and dog

Our next series of creative writing sessions in October are full and no, we don’t speak too much during the sessions – we like to  keep you writing.  This image is designed to get you writing when you can’t come to our groups.

We’ll post  a new visual prompt each week together with some questions to spark your imagination. So…

Who is this man on the mobile?

Continue reading