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Bill and Coo

This week’s prompt by Jude.

The pigeons in our garden have been amorously inclined all week.  For this week’s fast draft, write down all your associations to pigeons.  Memories, likes/dislikes, Trafalgar Square,  sounds etc. Now write a piece where pigeons feature as a backdrop for another kind of relationship. Probably between humans. You could even call your characters Bill and Coo.


Cloaked in Mystery


This week’s post is by Jude. We’ve just started our four week series in the American Museum, Bath.  Our course is full, but we recommend a visit to the museum for inspiration.

The photograph here shows a section of the Shaker Sisters’ room. Two cloaks hang on the wall. Write a mystery story about the people who own the cloaks. Set it in any historical period.

An Elephant Never Forgets

imageThis week’s prompt by Jude.

Write about something you have never forgotten. Use as much detail as possible, both foreground and background. Write fast, non-stop until you’ve finished.

And don’t forget our one-off writing session on September 13th in Bath if you want more inspiration.