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Handle with Care – Tip 37

Writing prompt from Alex  – Tip  37 from 63 Writing Tips  by Alex. ‘HANDLE WITH CARE’.     Adjectives are useful words for describing but use sparingly. What does a beautiful meal or a nice meal tell you? Not a lot. It’s the old show don’t tell rule.

img_2972 photo by Gus Zogolovitch

Using this photograph as inspiration, write a scene to evoke the atmosphere of Autumn, be sparing with the adjectives.

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Stone Henge


Jude at Stonehenge in the early 1960s

This week’s prompt by Jude

Did you ever go to Stone Henge when you could walk up close?   Write a short-short story based on visit you made  to a group of standing stones. – Stone Henge, the Merry Maidens in Cornwall, somewhere in the Orkneys. Or even in another country. Make it magical or make it tragic like the ending of Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy.


Thrilling Stories for Girls

Thrilling stories for girlsThis week’s prompt by Jude

The year’s 1929 and in the flyleaf it says Josie’s Aunt Gertie, gave her this book for her birthday on 12th January. Write a story about something thrilling that happened to a girl called Josie in 1929. Here are  two random Wikipedia facts for that year. Martin Luther King was born and Herge’s Adventures of Tintin first hit the comic strips in Belgium.


Haircuts, hairstyles, hair disasters

This week’s prompt by Jude


Sketch by Jeanette Sheppard @jinnysketches


Trips to the hairdressers make good story material. Write about the different hair cuts and styles  you’ve had. Write about those memorable hairdressers who wielded the scissors.  Have fun. There’s bound to be one hair disaster in your life.

And for inspiration – Julian Barnes’   A Short History of Hairdressing, a story in three chapters, describes three visits to the barber’s over a life time. It’s a great read. Buy it here for £1.49 on Amazon.