Crossing the Threshold


One of the most well-known crossing-the-threshold stories is The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, by C S Lewis.  The children go through a door in the back of an old wardrobe, find themselves in Narnia and their adventures begin

Going into the special world is one of the first stages  of The Hero’s Journey – a  mythic plot structure often used in films.  A few years ago Alex and I ran a workshop looking at this structure for Writing Events Bath. It’s a useful format to think about when writing  short stories and novels.

So this week, imagine what happens when your character mounts the old steps in the photograph and crosses the threshold. Why is he/she going to this place?  What happens inside? Will it precipitate the character into an adventure?  Is your story for children like the Narnia stories, or is it for adults?

Set a timer for an hour. Write fast, banish the inner critic and get that first draft down.

(This week’s prompt by Jude)