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Names matter

This week’s prompt from Alex:     This is my latest acquisition by artist, and author Mary Griese. Give my sheep a name. Now make a list of names for your next short story or novel, and keep for reference and as prompts.  Remember, names go in and out of fashion. Ethel is back in, Derick is out. Invent some names. Names matter.

   Update on places: Booking is now open for workshop on Editing. How to edit your work, and what does a professional Editor do, with guest James Ellis. Thusrday 10.30-12.30pm July 6th at Hall and Woodhouse cafe. £26

One Bird

This week’s prompt by Jude.

photo-one-birdSyrian poet Faraj Bayrakdar, formerly editor of a Syrian literary magazine, was imprisoned with no charge in Syria and spent 14 years in prison. He was released after international pressure in 2000 and now lives in Sweden. Jude heard him read his poetry (translated) in Slovenia in the summer. It was marvellous. And very moving. This week’s writing challenge is for you to write some fiction using the words  from one of his poems copied on to the wall plaque pictured here.”One bird is enough in order for the sky not to fall down”

Other news: if you are interested in being published, we have two workshops in February and March next year now open for booking on alternative ways to get a book into print. More details here

Every Word Counts – An introduction to Flash Fiction

Thursday 8th December, Hall and Woodhouse Cafe Bath, 10.30 am – 12.30 pm. Cost £26.  Now sold out Contact us if you want to join a waiting list. We’ll run another one if we have enough people. Thank you. Continue reading