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THIS Call for stories is now closed, the anthology is being edited and writers have been notified if their story was chosen. It was hard to choose the ones to include since the standard was high and there were many entries, however we have chosen 26 stories and these will be published in a simple booklet. Most of the them have been pre-ordered but there will be a few spare to buy, most of the profit will go to Young Carers, a charity for children who look after their parents or siblings. If you would like a copy (when it’s ready) it will be £5 plus postage and first come, first served, so please email your request with an address and we will get back to you. Happy New Year, Alex, Mary and Andrea (who have been organising this anthology.)

As a project for this second lockdown, we are inviting you to submit a short story in any genre of up to 600 words. This is not a competition but we will select around 20 and publish them in a writing anthology booklet.

Below is a list of a dozen words. Write your story incorporating at least 5 of the words in any way you like. Please give your story a catchy title and submit it by email as an attachment (sorry, no hard copies) by December 2nd. The plan is to publish 100 copies and price them at £5 which includes post and packing as well as a donation to one of our favourite charities, Young Carers. (Google to find out more about them)

Please note this project is suitable for beginners and experienced writers and our mission is to keep your creativity flowing during lockdown.

A couple of tips: Avoid cliches, check spelling and word count and try for a story arc.

Here is the list of words – Remember to use a minimum of 5.

Bluebottle Clock Fur Lavender Train Ella Fitzgerald Nylon shirt High heels

Seaweed Turpentine Burnt Toast Bonfire

Ready, steady, GO… We look forward to reading them and will keep you informed. ENJOY! Alex writingeventsbath@gmail.com

Also, see the new video i made, in between lockdowns, of Rachel Ward and her new book – Expiry Date. Please scroll down.