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Two men in a boat

two-men-in-a-boat-smallerThis week’s prompt by Jude.

Two men in a row boat on a lake, fishing. But they could be doing something else. Cast around and write a story, or recount a row-boat memory that could stray into fiction. Make it autumn, make it calm. Drift about a bit.

And as it’s the month of NanNoWriMo, you could include a scene in a rowing boat in your novel. Or you could join the NaNoRebels and write a short piece to include in a sequence of  30 flash fictions for the month of November.

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marblesHave you lost your marbles? Did you play games with them as a child? Who gave you marbles? Marble streets – have you seen them on your travels? Raw marble in cliffs? Ever made a marbled cake? Or experimented with marbling paper?

Write some notes, then a longer piece, – a memory, a fiction,long or short. It’s up to you.

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