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Rainbow ideas

Write down as many words as you can associated with rainbows, chimney pots and crows. Pick your seven  favourites. Now  write down an idea for a novel, or a short story  which will include some of your seven favourite words and one of the colours of the rainbow.


Bill and Coo

This week’s prompt by Jude.

The pigeons in our garden have been amorously inclined all week.  For this week’s fast draft, write down all your associations to pigeons.  Memories, likes/dislikes, Trafalgar Square,  sounds etc. Now write a piece where pigeons feature as a backdrop for another kind of relationship. Probably between humans. You could even call your characters Bill and Coo.


Two men in a boat

two-men-in-a-boat-smallerThis week’s prompt by Jude.

Two men in a row boat on a lake, fishing. But they could be doing something else. Cast around and write a story, or recount a row-boat memory that could stray into fiction. Make it autumn, make it calm. Drift about a bit.

And as it’s the month of NanNoWriMo, you could include a scene in a rowing boat in your novel. Or you could join the NaNoRebels and write a short piece to include in a sequence of  30 flash fictions for the month of November.

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