What’s Your Story Palette?

This week’s prompt by Jude.

Colour pallette

Sketch by Jeanette Sheppard @JinnySketches


Are your stories generally dark and dystopian or always bright and cheerful? Write a short fiction up to 500 words trying out a different palette from usual. Introduce colour details.  This short example from Flannery 0’Connor’s story  “Everything That Rises Must Converge”, about a son’s relationship with his mother, shows how the use of colour enhances the mood of the story.

“…He opened the door himself and started down the walk to get her going. The sky was a dying violet and the houses stood out darkly against it, bulbous liver-coloured monstrosities of a uniform ugliness, although no two were alike. Since this had been a fashionable neighborhood forty years ago, his mother persisted in thinking they did well to have an apartment in it.”

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