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New Year Events

Home workshop at H and W

Our April creative writing series is sold out. Read more about these sessions here and contact us if you want more information. They’re suitable for both beginner and experienced writers.

On Thursday March 3rd from 10.00 – 1.00 pm we’re running a ‘Get Writing’ workshop for the Bath Literature Festival  for beginners and those wanting a writing boost. Booking is now open on their site or via the box office on 01225 463362.

We’re running a two-hour Memoir workshop on April 13th at Hall and Woodhouse and have plans  for a Writers’ Lunch. Further ahead, in September, we’re leading a series of four creative writing sessions at the American Museum in Bath 

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A different point of view



What have Flush by Virginia Woolf, Call of the Wild by Jack London and A Dog’s Life by Peter Mayle got in common?

They are all told from the perspective of a dog.   Write down three ideas for stories or novels written from a dog’s point of view, and don’t forget a title.

Straight From the Horse’s Mouth


Truman Capote famously said “All literature is gossip”.

Write a story about a well-known gossip in a small town who has just been given a juicy piece of information about a prominent person in the locality.  Who does she/he share the gossip with and what are the consequences?

This week’s prompt by Jude