Home is Where the Heart Is


A Creative Writing Session at Hall and Woodhouse Cafe, Bath, Wednesday 2nd December, 10.00 am  – 12.00 pm. SOLD OUThome - Jude's drawing

In this session led by Alex and Jude,  you will focus on writing about home – the places where you or your characters have lived, loved, lost or desired. Homes are saturated with memory and incidents. We’ll provide exercises and prompts to spark your imagination. Suitable for beginner or experienced fiction and memoir writers.

Half the profits from this workshop will go to the Bristol Hospitality Network which ” extends solidarity to people seeking asylum and experiencing destitution through accommodation and creative community involvement” The money donated will be used to help run the men’s hostel for destitute asylum seekers and provide a contribution to the BHN solidarity fund that gives £10 a week to up to 6 asylum seekers.

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